Judging Criteria

The following criteria will be used to judge competition entries. Keep these criteria in mind as you develop your project. Additionally, extra points will be given in the evaluation for first, second and third place in on-line voting.


  1. Please complete the following report limiting each answer to no more than 250 words.
  2. Submit any materials that you’ve developed or documentation of your project along with this written report.


Clearly state the objective of your project.

target audience:

Identify the group or groups that are the target of your project.


Describe your project and its implementation.


Show how you worked as a team in designing and implementing your project (examples: sign-in sheets at meetings, photos of group working on tasks).

use of resources:

Show how you used local resources to help identify, deliver, assess, and present your project (examples: nearby colleges, local police departments, persons affected by teen crashes, local/county/state governments, local businesses).

use of media:

Document how you made use of media in your project (examples: local radio, TV, newspapers, social media, websites, video, PSAs)


Show how your project demonstrates an understanding of teen driving safety.


Explain how you measured change and impact of your project.


How will your project have a lasting effect within your target group?

unexpected lessons learned:

Describe any unintended results that came out of your project.

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