Topic Resources

This year, we asked you to focus your projects on a specific area related to teen driving safety. Check out some of the projects from previous years to see examples of how schools have focused their projects on these areas. Use them for inspiration and to spark your own creative vision!

Drive Focused

These projects will focus on the teen in the driver seat, and the importance of avoiding driving distractions (texting, using your phone, eating, having too many passengers, playing the radio too loud), reducing speeding, or sharing the road with others, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, etc.

Passenger Focused

These projects will focus on the passenger, and the important role they play by not distracting the driver, serving as the designated texter, wearing their seatbelt, etc.

Graduated Driver’s License Compliance

These projects will focus on raising awareness of the importance of the Graduated Driver’s License responsibilities, including wearing seatbelts (all riders, all the time), restricting passengers, night-time driving limits, not using electronic devices, and using decals.

About the Champion Schools Program

What is the U Got Brains Champion Schools Program?

It is an opportunity for students and staff of New Jersey high schools to develop campaigns to address teen driving safety. Each school will develop its own project based on a topic pertaining to teen driving safety. We are looking for creative projects that will raise awareness and make an impact on new drivers. You can utilize social media, videos, blogs, traditional media or other means to help spread your message. Your imagination is the only limit!

The Champion Schools Program has been evaluated by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and has proved to not only increase awareness and education about safe driving, but most importantly, change driving behavior.
Schools receive a cash stipend and technical support to assist with their campaigns.  Advisors will also receive professional development hours.

Questions? Drop us an email or call 732-745-0200.



Why We Need Your Help…

  • Car crashes are the #1 cause of death and disability in teens
  • In New Jersey, a teen crashes every 11 minutes.
  • One teen dies each week on New Jersey’s roads.

This program is presented by The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. Funding is provided by The New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety with support from our founding sponsor, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company and our platinum sponsors, The Allstate Foundation.

Thank you to all those who have applied for the 2013-2014
UGotBrains Champion Schools Program

We look forward to seeing the progression of all of your projects and are grateful to have such an amazing group of talented communities in New Jersey. Your devotion to promoting these messages of safety and prevention are continuing to make our roads a safer place!

Selected schools will be notified by December 15, 2013 and visits to all schools by Brain Injury Alliance of NJ staff to explain the program and take group photos will take place in December and January.