2012 Champion Schools Participants

U Got Brains and Know How To Use Them!

Bergen County Technical HS

Lose the Device-Drive 4 UR Life


Our project concerns itself with the dangers of texting while driving. Several seniors who were involved last year have volunteered to serve as mentors to the juniors spearheading this year's ad campaign.

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Bogota Jr./Sr. HS

The Red Light Experience


For our U Got Brains awareness campaign, the National Honor Society is going to involve our whole school to spread knowledge to everyone about safe driving. We recently had a poster contest for the kids in the school to design their own safe driving poster.

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Bordentown Regional HS

Don't Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive


Here at Bordentown Regional High School we decided to title our campaign, "Don't Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive." This campaign has attracted over one hundred of our BRHS students.

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Cherry Hill HS East

Drive The Danger Out Of Teen Driving!


For our project, we wanted to bring real life experiences of different driving distractions to students in our school. We are going to create an open house that will take place during the lunch periods for all students in our school on April 2nd. The students will get a chance to try out actual distraction scenarios.

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Collingswood HS

Don't Eat Until You Leave Your Seat


Students produced a video addressing different types of eating and driving. After the driving scenarios, students were interviewed about why they feel eating is a type of distracted driving. The video will then be shown to the driver's eduction classes. A questionnaire will be given to the student to respond to video content. Juniors and Seniors with driver's licenses will be asked to sign an pledge promising t abstain from eating and driving. The CHS theater class will write and perform skits in response to the video topics.

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Columbia HS

SafeRides in MAPSO


There's a new program called Saferides Mapso (Maplewood/South Orange) that's available to students at Columbia High School and the town's two middle schools. It's teens helping teens with a free, confidential, non-judgmental service that gets kids home safe. Why is it needed? Think about it: You're on a first date and something just doesn't feel right. There's drinking at the party and you don't want to stay. You've been drinking and sure can't drive. You've been babysitting and now the parents are too tipsy to take you home and your parents aren't back from the movie yet. Or you are just worried about walking home from a friend's because you've read about kids getting robbed at night.

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Communications HS

Project Prevention - A Complete Media Package


A group of students in Communications High School created Project: Prevention as an act towards promoting safe teen driving in our community and all around New Jersey. We have many ideas for means of effectively spreading the message about the detrimental consequences of making bad decisions while driving.

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Cumberland Regional HS

Teens Dying To Drive


"Teens Dying to Drive" is a new organization starting at Cumberland Regional High School to make young teens aware of the main causes of crashes and deaths among young drivers between the ages of 14-19. We are hoping that by running a variety of events and projects we can help prepare teens to be safe, responsible drivers before hitting the road.

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Dunellen HS

End of the Road


The whole project focuses on the after-effects of texting while driving. It will focus on someone who has become crippled due to a crash. The video will have brief flashbacks of the crash scattered throughout it. The into will be faded in and will not show the teens face (Wheelchair/crutches) Throughout the video we see flashbacks and also what the teen is missing. In the outro the scene will fade out and letters that look like text will come up. There may be special effects used to create the flashbacks. Most of the video will focus on the one teen. The video itself may be divided into several smaller videos, and also one long video, each having to deal with the after effects of texting and driving.

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Edison HS

Edison High Wants to C U Alive-On the Road to Safety


The Edison High School SADD Chapter has begun the school year with numerous events to raise awareness about Driving Safety. At the freshman orientation, the activities-club fair, and back to school night, SADD members spoke with students and parents about the dangers of distracted driving, as well as distributed hand outs, flyers and teen safety driving contracts.

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Emerson Jr/Sr HS

Victims of Volume II-More Dangerous Driving Distractions


Our project, Victims of Volume II- More Dangerous Driving Distractions, includes driving distractions that can cause serious injury or death to the driver and the passengers. The focus is on texting while driving, loud music, cell phone use, applying make-up, drinking and eating, petting a dog or cat.

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Freehold Township HS

Patriot Passenger Project


The goal of Freehold Township High School's Patriot Passenger Project is to create awareness of how passengers can both help and hinder a driver and hopefully, in the process, change the behaviors of both drivers and passengers.

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Haddonfield Memorial HS

Stop Texting For Me


Our main focus will be a short commercial to highlight the dangers of distracted driving by using a catchy jingle that will appeal to young drivers. The video will be shot by students using student actors and will be edited by students. The video will be emailed to all parents, students and faculty in the district.

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Howell HS



Our project portrays three different forms of destructive driving including drunk driving, texting while driving, and reckless driving; demonstrated by three different teenagers, and the effect this can have on innocent bystanders.

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Hunterdon Central Regional HS

One Life, One Message


Our project combines two scenarios of texting. We thought it was important to include both the parent/guardian and the teen driver in our videos. Keeping in mind that parents/guardians play an important role with their actions/behaviors in a car as much as teens.

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Lenape Regional HS District

Heads Up, Eyes Forward


Our "Heads Up, Eyes Forward!" teen distracted driving campaign will result in the creation of several video ESAs (Educational Service Announcements) about the many different distractions facing teen drivers everyday. Our students will develop creative ways to reach their peers and also their parents through the Educational Service Announcements.

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M.A.T.E.S Academy

Stay Alive Focus on the Drive


The students of The MATES academy plan on spreading their message, Stay Alive- Focus on The Drive, to as many people as possible. We are trying to reach people on a national/international level by:

  • Creating "My Three Words" skits to send into Good Morning America. We hope that it will be aired on national television. These skits will also be posted to youtube.
  • Students have started to create Public Service Announcements that they will be posting on youtube
  • We have created a facebook fan page.

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Manalapan HS

Find Yourself To Safety


Manalapan High School is known as a great school with many doors that open up for students each and every day. The school is especially proud of the club that was created by students called Save-A-Brave.

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Middle Township HS

Drive Above The Influence


For this project, our goal was to assure the safety of or students by giving them transportation to prom and back. We will provide the students and all they have to do is take the buses. By providing the buses, the students are less likely to drive under the influence, or drive with a distraction.

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Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies

Keep It Safe!


The Champions Schools team at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies has created a diverse program that aims to reach students in a variety of ways. Our project began with a "Kick-Off" Event that introduced our school's U Got Brains Champion Schools recognition. It also began the school wide "Don't Drive Dangerously" PSA contest. The winners of this PSA contest will go on to represent the Academy at the Middlesex County 3D PSA competition. They will also attend the county-wide awards ceremony and the safe driving workshop that coincides with it. A school-wide "Don't Drive Dangerously" t-shirt design competition is also being held.

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