2015 Champion Schools Participants

U Got Brains and Know How To Use Them!

4thyearsealBogota Jr/Sr High School

What You Should Do?


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1styearsealBridgewater Raritan High School

Panthers Don't Let Panthers Drive Distracted

2ndyearsealBuena Regional High School

No Belt, No Brains, No Safety, Know Pain

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2ndyearsealBurlington City High School

Power Down/Buckle Up

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3rdyearsealCedar Grove High School

Don't Commit a Distraction Infraction

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3rdyearsealCherry Hill High School East

Txt L8r Drive Now

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2ndyearsealClayton High School

"Distraction Spies"

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4thyearsealCollingswood High School

Get Ready Then Drive Steady

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2ndyearsealColonia High School

"I Got UR Back-U Pay it Forward"



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2ndyearsealColts Neck High School


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4thyearsealCommunications High School

Heads Up CHS!

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1styearsealDeptford Township High School

Subtraction of the Distractions

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4thyearsealDunellen High School

Don't Drive Distracted (D3)

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2ndyearsealEgg Harbor Township High School

GDL Awareness

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2ndyearsealFreehold Boro High School

"It Just Takes ONE"

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5th yearschoolsealFreehold Township High School

No Need for Speed

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1styearsealGlassboro High School

Bulldogs Against Destructive Decisions

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4thyearsealHaddonfield Memorial High School

Making the Right Decisions

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2ndyearsealHamilton High School North
Nottingham Campus

GDL - "Because We Care"

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3rdyearsealHammonton High School

Route of the Solution

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