Grand Prize Winners

These grand prize winners were awarded driving simulators, donated by the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company, for their outstanding projects and successful campaigns.


Pitman High School

Choices Have Consequences

We wanted to build on last years' foundation of GDL awareness and that CHOICES have CONSEQUENCES which doesn't always mean death. It could mean permanent injury and being confined to a wheel chair or being permanently disfigured, losing friends, not able to attend college. Every CHOICE has a CONSEQUENCE and we wanted to encourage our school to make positive choices abiding by the GDL laws which were established for everyone's safety.


Jackson Memorial High School

Chalk It Up To Safety

The theme of our project is Chalk It Up To Safety and the overriding objective or goal of our effort was to promote safe driving, sound decision making and responsible behavior. Additionally, it was a primary focus of ours to expand this effort across our entire school district and make the Chalk It Up To Safety campaign relevant to students at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Central to our focus was the importance of getting buy in from school leadership at all grade levels as well as parents and students to participate in this initiative which sought to utilize the Chalk It Up to Safety theme to spread grade-level appropriate messages and promotions across the entire Jackson School District. This year's effort included students again at the elementary, middle and high school levels and through a public service announcement aimed at providing relevant grade-level appropriate safety tips and messages, we ventured to make the Chalk It Up to Safety effort more than a safe driving promotion, but to encourage students at all levels to think about being safe in all aspects of their lives. Through this campaign it was paramount to our program to encourage our youngest students to get into the mindset of being safe and responsible in all aspects of their lives long before they have their first opportunity behind the wheel of a car. It is our contention that through such an effort, students exposed to this campaign will be less likely to engage in destructive and irresponsible behaviors once they have the opportunity to drive.

Nutley High School

Raiders Ride Safe

Our mission was to develop and continue a sustainable message while empowering our community that "Raiders Ride Safe".



Red Bank Regional High School

Don't let it control you, You control it!

Our project's objective was to show our peers the dangers of FOMO-The Fear of Missing Out.  This fear causes people to constantly check social media while driving or staying up all night which causes of car accidents.  We developed a Public Relations Campaign that included tables at lunch, multiple PSA's, posters, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, an assembly, and PIX 11 News.  We hope our message will save lives.


Lenape Regional High School

Heads Up, Eyes Forward!

The objective of this year's project was to sustain and further spread the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! safe driving message (started in 2011), and to reach students, parents, community members, local goverment and people beyond the state of New Jersey, with new and innovative methods.  With our use of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, we were able to continue growing a fan base on their mobile devices.  Also, we purchased hundreds of insurance card and car registration holders with our logo and web site printed on them.  Now, each time people need to update their insurance card or car registration, they will see the HUEF logo and be reminded about the importance of safe driving.

Immaculate Heart Academy


Our project was to increase student, parent, staff and community awareness of the NJ GDL laws and restrictions.  We held many event and promotions throughout the school year that enlightened and reinforced awareness of the GDL.  There was an increase in the amount of student drivers displaying red decals on their license plates.  Parent knowledge was measured in a parent poll completed in Driver Education Class.  It was interesting to see how little parents knew about the GDL at the beginning of the Driver Education and how much their knowledge improved by the end of the course.



Red Bank Regional High School


Our project focused on how to make teenagers aware of the dangers of driving distracted.  We created a PSA for current and soon-to-be drivers, which effectively reached our entire school population of approximately 1,150 students.  As we had intended, many of our viewers reacted emotionally to the PSA.  The whole district actively participated and there was a lot of teamwork involved.  Overall, we feel that we created something amazing and it made a great impact.


Jackson Memorial High School

"I Drive For"

The "I Drive For" campaign focused on a multitude of fronts and involved various school clubs and community partnerships. Through our efforts, we expanded the campaign this year to include an outreach effort that allowed our Heroes and Cool Kids program to make the "I Drive for" Campaign an exciting curricular-based initiative that spotlights decision making and being a responsible and safe passenger when being transported in a motor vehicle.

Lenape Regional High School District

Heads Up, Eyes Forward!

Our project continued our Heads Up, Eyes Forward! (HUEF) safe driving campaign which reached out to students and the community through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our dedicated YouTube page features past videos created for the campaign and includes new PSAs, news packages and music video “Out On The Road”. Our team designed a new HUEF t-shirt and worked with NJDOT and several other transportation agencies around the country to display the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! slogan on digital highway message boards during Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April. New this year was the HUEF Safe Driver of the Month Parking Spot.



Manalapan High School

Brave Actions Against Distractions

The Save A Brave group of MHS has been conducting a Safe Driving campaign, both peer and community focused. We are responsible for the Teen Safe Driver Initiative in our school. This is a district-wide mandatory program for all 11th graders in order to receive a parking permit for their senior year. We presented a program for them on challenges facing new drivers, complete with a humorous skit on examples of parental driving scenarios. The student program includes speakers and a preview of our music video.

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Lenape Regional High School District

Heads Up, Eyes Forward!

The 2014 Heads Up, Eyes Forward! (HUEF) campaign continues to reach out to students and the community through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as with new posters throughout its schools, to help spread the message of safe driving. The dedicated YouTube page features videos created for the campaign, including PSAs, news packages, and this year’s music video - “Drivin’ Like You Care".

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Columbia High School

Safe Driving, Safe Riding: SafeRides

Our project for this year is to promote SafeRides as a way for students to get home safely, as well as a promotion of safe driving throughout the community. SafeRides serves as an alternative in keeping with driving past curfew, keeping within GDL restrictions on passengers and curfew. SafeRides can also help prevent other negligence behind the wheel, such as driver distraction. As a part of the project, we plan to distribute bracelets, key chains, and t-shirts with the SafeRides MapSO phone number.

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Lenape Regional High School District

Heads Up, Eyes Forward!

The objective of this year’s project is to sustain and further spread the Heads Up, Eyes Forward! safe driving message, started in 2011, with new and innovative methods.

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Warren Hills Regional High School


We created a superhero called GDLman, who rights the wrongs of team drivers and encourages everyone to drive like a champ! We have a scheduled event for parents called Share the Keys, and sponsoring the x -the text program on SADD Day at our school. Also working along with the PTSA of our school to educate parents and the public alike about same driving.

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Bordentown Regional High School

Don’t Text and Drive, Bordentown Wants You Alive

This campaign has attracted over one hundred of our BRHS students. In honor of our cause, we decided to run four major projects for the 2012 school year.

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